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Help us build our P-38 Lightning Exhibit

Your Gift Will be Doubled

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is working to create a compelling new exhibit: a tribute to the heroic pilots and crews of the legendary P-38 Lightning. This groundbreaking aircraft, has etched its name in aviation history for its innovative design, exceptional performance, and pivotal role in World War II.

Our goal is to tell the story of the P-38, recognize and honor the men who flew and fought in these aircraft, and share their amazing stories.

Please, will you make a gift to help us reach our $250,000 goal to build out this exhibition?

Every dollar you give will be matched by The 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation, up to $100,000! Thanks to their generosity, your gift will be DOUBLED, amplifying the impact of your contribution!

P J Dahl Portrait W Th Bg Edit - P-38 Lightning Exhibition

Gifts Over $250

For gifts of $250 or more, we’ll honor your generosity by featuring your name in a special donor section on our upcoming P-38 Lightning Exhibit webpage. 

Gifts of $150 or more will receive a special video from WWII P-38 ace PJ Dahl, recounting in his own words his experiences as a fighter ace during World War II.

Your gift will help honor
Col. Perry John Dahl
WWII P-38 Fighter Ace

One of the Pacific theater’s living legends, fighter ace, Col. Perry J. “PJ” Dahl, recently celebrated his 101st birthday on February 18, 2023. His captivating and inspiring tales of 158 aerial combat missions in the Pacific, flying his ’23 Skidoo’ P-38, are nothing short of what legends are made of. From surviving mid-air collisions to daring escapes, PJ’s resilience and courage shine through.

PJ Dahl entered combat just shy of his 20th birthday, but looking closer to 15 years old. PJ needed extra seat cushions to reach the pedals of his plane. He remembers - “At 5’4” I was passed over by the basketball team,” PJ laughs. He would soon become a giant in the air, scoring nine victories.

After winning a “fly-off” during P-38 flight training in California, PJ was reassigned to the famed 475th Fighter Group known as “Satan’s Angels.” This group would go on to complete more than 3,000 missions and achieve 551 aerial victories at a loss of 56 aircraft – an enviable ratio. 

PJ and his wingman, Joe Forester, arrived in New Guinea on October 27, 1943 to run air strikes against Japanese-held Rabaul. Though slightly older than PJ, Joe sported gray hair. On their arrival to the 475th, General George Kenney, a seasoned military strategist leading the Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific, remarked, “My God, they’re sending us old men and kids!” 

Double Your Impact

Thank you for considering a gift of $35, $50, $150, $250 or more to help us preserve the legacy of the P-38 Lightning and honor the brave men and women who piloted this extraordinary aircraft. No amount is too small – remember, every dollar you give will be matched up to $100,000!

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