Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is committed to supporting individuals who dream of a future in aviation. The Museum’s Scholarship Funds perpetuate our mission and vision, enabling recipients to pursue training and education to accomplish their goals.

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Current Scholarships For Individuals

Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship

Frank Der Yuen was an internationally respected aeronautical engineer, airline executive, and consultant. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, he designed the all-weather, self-propelled passenger loading bridges for airliners that are used in every major airport. Mr. Der Yuen served as Executive Director of the Honolulu Airlines Committee, and vice president of Aloha Airlines. He was one of the designers of the Daniel K. Inouye (Honolulu) International Airport, and helped create Pacific Aerospace Museum once housed there.

The Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship honors the aviation legacy of Frank Der Yuen. It is a competitive program that supports Hawaii residents who want to pursue aviation-related education and training. Financial grants of at least $1000 are awarded each year to Hawaii residents who have been accepted, or are enrolled, in an aviation-related program at an accredited trade school, college, or university. Awards will be made without regard to gender, race, religion, or national origin.

Col. Robert P. “Rob” Moore Scholarship

Col. Robert P. “Rob” Moore began flying as a young person in Raleigh, NC, and earned the Air Transportation Pilot certificate in multiengine airplanes (Gulfstream II/III typed rated), and Commercial Pilot in single engine land and sea airplanes, gliders, and lighter-than-air. Col. Moore also earned FAA Certified Flight Instructor certificates in many aircraft, and has enjoyed introducing many students to the thrill of flying.

Col. Moore has been active in the local aviation community as the owner of 3 aviation businesses, the president of the General Aviation Council of Hawai’i (GATCH), and a member of the Museum’s Board of Directors.

Col. Moore wants to assist people in achieving their goals in aviation. He recognizes that the cost of obtaining pilot certifications at all levels is continually increasing, and is often a deterrent for those who want to fly.

The Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship offers two different options to assist Hawaii residents with the support and incentive needed to continue their study.

Initial Pilot Training: Supports Hawaii residents in acquiring their initial FAA aircraft pilot certificate. The scholarship can be used for any level pilot certificate, including: 1) private, sport, recreation, and 2) in any category of aircraft—airplane, rotorcraft, glider, or LTA. Drone pilot certification is NOT approved.

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): Awarded to Hawaii-based FAA Commercial Pilots (or ATPs) getting their initial or additional FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate in any FAA Category aircraft. The applicant must have already satisfactorily completed the FAA-required written test(s) for the CFI certificate, if applicable. A copy of the test completion certificate(s) must be provided with the scholarship application.

Yearly scholarship awards will be up to two scholarships of $1,500 each.

Current Scholarships For School Groups

The Col. Robert F. Szul Scholarship

Col. Robert “Bob” Szul was a highly-decorated Air Force pilot who served in Viet Nam, and later worked as an executive for IBM and Siemans in their Homeland Security division. In retirement, he volunteered at Pacific Aviation Museum as a STEM instructor and museum docent. Bob’s energy and tireless advocacy for young people inspired a love of aviation, and as an active volunteer, Bob provided exciting and inspirational learning experiences for students. He embodied the ideals that are the foundation of our education programs – love of country, service, courage, sacrifice, and commitment. He lived those values every day. In recognition of his service, Bob was named the Museum’s “2016 Volunteer of the Year.”

The Col. Robert F. Szul Scholarship, established in his memory, will provide funding support for student groups from Title I schools that wish to experience the unique and exciting education programs at the Museum. Teachers who wish to bring their students to the museum should contact our Education Department for more information. Please email or call 808-445-9137.