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Pearl Harbor Aviation Scholarship Recipients: Inspiring Success Stories

December 28, 2023
2023 scholarship recipients provide their experience and expertise on how to land the award

Continuing our mission to support aspiring aviation enthusiasts, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum proudly presents its annual scholarship program. Aligned with the mission of our generous donors, this initiative awards scholarships annually to help nurture the ambitions for multiple high achievers.

Meet a few of the individuals who in 2023 have flourished through these scholarships:

Micah Domingo: Recipient of the "For Love of Country Scholarship"
Caitlin Thomas: Recipient of the "Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship"
Wesley Felice: Recipient of the "Admiral Ronald J. Hays Scholarship"

To share some experiences and insights, we've created a fun Q&A with each recipient. Read about their backgrounds and the application process as they share a small glimpse into their journeys.

And here's exciting news: The 2024 scholarship season is currently open, accepting applications until February 1, 2024. Don't miss the opportunity to spread your wings and pursue your aviation dreams with the support of Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Included in our scholarship funds are opportunities for education and youth organizations. These scholarships can help with funding field trips or youth programs. Interested teachers or youth group advisors are encouraged to contact the Education Department at [email protected]

Thank you to all the recipients who have helped in the development of this blog post.

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