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Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum’s 2023 Scholarship Season Opens November 1, 2022


Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum’s 2023 Scholarship

Season Opens
November 1, 2022

Season Closes
January 15, 2023

Photographs of three of our scholarship recipients.

2022 Scholarship Recipients Provide their experience and expertise on how to land an award

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is committed to providing scholarship support to aspiring aviation individuals. Fulfilling the mission and vision of our donors, scholarships are awarded each year to help inspire multiple achievers reach their full potential.

Applicants applying to this year’s scholarships can conveniently apply to the five different scholarship funds using one application. The scholarships available to individuals are the following

  • For Love of Country Scholarship
  • Admiral Ronald J. Hays Scholarship
  • Brig Gen Robert B. and Judith Maguire Scholarship
  • Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship
  • Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship

We’ve asked a few of the recent recipients some questions of their background and the application process. Here is what they had to share.

Abigail: Aloha! My name is Abigail Dang, and I am a 20-year-old CFII at Barber’s Point Flight School. I was born and raised in Hawaii, the middle child of three siblings, and happily homeschooled all the way through high school. Currently, I’m finishing my Bachelors of Science in Aviation with a Professional Pilot concentration with Liberty University Online on track to graduate this December 2022.

Kanani: I am finishing my commercial helicopter and instructor ratings at Mauna Loa Helicopters in Honolulu. My husband and I have five children in elementary and middle school who keep us on our toes.  I love their attitude and their innocence. When you’re surrounded by people who think they’re going to grow up to become the next Spider-Man, helicopter pilot sounds like a perfectly reasonable career choice.

Suzy: Aloha! My name is Suzy Chung, currently 20 years old and located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently I am an Air Traffic Controller with the Hawaii Air National Guard and space enthusiast!

Abigail: My entire aviation journey has been surrounded and supported by inspiring men and women pilots. Standing out among them all as a beacon of inspiration is Captain Tammie Jo Shults. It was thanks to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum that I had the honor of meeting her. . I am continually inspired by her exemplary character. Her life and career is a model of excellence, service, and faith. Even after retirement, she continues to be involved in the aviation community, serving and mentoring other, and I aspire to someday impact and benefit the aviation community and industry like she has.

Abigail: As far back as I can remember, my eyes would stare into the sky at overflying aircraft. In elementary, I borrowed stacks of aviation books from the library and studied them avidly. The powerful technology, sleek appearance of aircraft, and simply the concept and freedom of flight appealed to me tremendously, and I aspired fly airplanes one day. No one in my entire family are pilots or in the aviation industry, so when my parents signed me up for the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Flight School for Girls, I soaked up all of the information and guidance that the presenters and female aviation role models offered. From that point on, I knew for sure that I wanted to become a pilot.

Kanani: My uncle was a game warden and spent a lot of time in police helicopters in Washington State. I loved hearing his stories, and always wanted to find a career that was equally exciting and rewarding.

Suzy: I had no idea what an Air Traffic Controller was prior to joining the Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG), so going to school and really getting an understanding of what they did made me curious to see what the pilot’s perspective was. Eventually I decided not only would this make me a better controller, it might introduce me to a whole new world that I might fall in love with, the same way I did with controlling.

Abigail: Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker is by far my favorite aviation book. It’s hard to find words to describe the book because it is a mixture of stories from Vanhoenacker’s aviation career, ethereal descriptions of flight itself, and educational tidbits. I received it as a gift near the beginning of my training, and it brought aviation to life in so many dimensions that captured my imagination and stoked the fire of passion for flying. I also have watched the riveting, epic Top Gun: Maverick numerous times and plan to rewatch it many more times in the future. 

Suzy: I’m torn between the C-17, F-22, and any bomber aircraft. C-17 is just so versatile and I’m assuming it is much more comfortable than the F-22, but the exhilaration and adrenaline you must get flying a raptor…it’s definitely an admired aircraft within the ATC community. Also, bombers are just awesome.

Abigail: The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum takes their selection process seriously and creates a genuine, personal relationship with the aviators that they award the scholarships to. They are like ohana, and that is why I choose PHAM scholarships to apply to. I also appreciate that they are based in Hawaii, support local aviators, and have a very sensible, not-overly-complicated application process.

Kanani: I applied to any and every scholarship I could, but I felt that Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum in particular would be special because of what Hawaii means to me. I’m not just here for flight training – I live here, I work here, my family is here and my goal is to become ingrained in the local aviation community.

Abigail: Prior to applying to the scholarship, I had visited the museum with my family and also participated in their Flight School for Girls when I was 11 years old. That was the first significant stepping stone for me to learn about and develop more of a passion for an aviation career. After receiving my private pilot certificate, I volunteered at the museum’s Living History Day twice, spoke to young aspiring pilots at other events, and also visited to experience their new flight simulators!

Abigail: The reason I applied for the For Love of Country Scholarship was to help finance my bachelor’s degree. I am grateful to be able to say that, thanks to the generous award from the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science degree in December 2022 debt free. 

Kanani: I planned to put it towards my commercial and CFI training, which I did. My training is taking longer than expected, and having scholarship money has alleviated some of the pressure to finish quickly and gain employment. 

Suzy: After being awarded the Col. Robert P. Moore scholarship I thought the fund was going to towards my schooling at University of Hawaii at Manoa, where I’m majoring in Business Accounting. When I found out that this particular scholarship was going directly to my flight school, I thought that it was MUCH more useful than getting one semester partially paid off. I’ve gotten a couple of lessons paid with the scholarship and it has been not only financially helpful but also motivating.

Abigail: Besides being able to graduate debt free, receiving the scholarship has provided opportunities to gain more amazing mentors and support for my aviation career and goals. I had the privilege of speaking for the Love of Country Gala to promote the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum education opportunities. My next immediate goal is to fly C-17 Globe masters in the Hawaii Air National Guard which requires a bachelor’s degree, so graduating with a degree in 1 ½ years rather than 4 is a massive head start to my professional pilot career.

Kanani: I feel fortunate to have received a scholarship from my community. Not only was it a huge confidence booster to know that my neighbors believe in me, but it also motivates me to be an excellent student, aviator, leader, and stay up to date with what is happening in Hawaii aviation.

Kanani: I’m not much of a writer, and every scholarship essay felt like a daunting task. However, each essay forced me to consider my strengths, skills and needs. Formulating words to express my goals made them start to feel attainable. The whole process was rewarding in that I was really able to focus myself. 

Abigail: Getting my flight instructor certificate and teaching students how to fly changed my aviation career in the most significant and positive way, far beyond all my other certificates and training achievements. Sharing aviation with others is my passion, and I have the unique opportunity to train and educate safer and more qualified pilots to benefit our general aviation community in Hawaii and beyond. In addition, flight instructing improves and sharpens my skills and knowledge.

Abigail: Get involved in your local aviation community by volunteering at events and networking to develop meaningful relationships and gain wisdom and knowledge from more experienced pilots and aviation professionals. Be sincere in your need and purpose for applying for the scholarship. Show the scholarship committee that you will use the financial support to both further your career and simultaneously pay it back to the community.

Kanani: Be yourself. Be honest about what you want to do, and what you need to get yourself there. 

Suzy: Do let the fear of not getting selected stop you. You don’t have anything to lose in the process, and if you are awarded with an amazing opportunity, you have everything to gain. Allow this opportunity to help you create connections and just allow your true love for aviation shine through.

Abigail: Meeting the generous Price family that made the scholarship possible and the PHAM scholarship committee, especially Elissa Lines. Mahalo to the entire PHAM family and for their continuous support of my aviation career!

Kanani: The opportunity to speak with Rear Admiral Alma Grocki during the interview portion. She was down to earth, encouraging, and after our conversation I was inspired to take a closer look at aviation careers in first response.

Suzy: The interviews. It is always so pleasant sharing experiences with other people and everyone on the committee were always so delightful to talk to.

We hope this fuels your desire to further your aviation dreams. Applications for all scholarships will open November 1, 2022 and close on January 15, 2023.

Included in our scholarship funds are opportunities for education and youth organizations. These scholarships can help with funding field trips or youth programs. Interested teachers or youth group advisors are encouraged to contact the Education Department at [email protected].

Thank you to all the recipients who have helped in the development of this blog post.

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