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Sandy Arakaki

Photograph of two airplanes
Ashleigh And Mark Houff - Volunteering: It's a Family Affair

Volunteering: It’s a Family Affair

By Mark and Ashleigh Houff, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Members and Curatorial Services Volunteers Ashleigh Houff If I were to pinpoint one common denominator for all the places my family has lived in my 21 years, it would be aerospace museums. No matter where we end up—even when we were

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Untitledgrheaderfinal - 2020 Gratitude Report

2020 Gratitude Report

Inspiring things happened during 2020! Thank you for the many ways you move our mission forward, this past year, and always. Though 2020 put a wrench in all of our plans, wonderful things did happen, because of you. As we look back at nearly 365 days since COVID-19 necessitated we

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Photo of Blue Angel jets flying really close to one another on a clear, blue day.

7 Fun Facts About the Blue Angels

  In February 2021, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum welcomed Blue Angel #4 from the iconic Blue Angels, the flight exhibition and demonstration team of the U.S. Navy. Beloved by audiences across America, the Blue Angels are larger than life and have left spectators thunderstruck for 75 years. Read on to

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