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Endowment Gifts

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You can leave a legacy to perpetually support the causes you love with an endowment gift. An endowment is a fund you can create now or in the future to achieve the impact you desire. The endowed fund remains intact and the income earned on your endowed fund provides lasting annual support to your charitable goals.

Benefits of Creating an Endowment:

  • Establish an endowment during your lifetime and see the impact each year
  • Benefit from an income tax deduction in the year you make your gift
  • Avoid capital gains tax on an endowment gift of appreciated property

How creating an endowment fund works:

  • You make an initial gift to fund an endowment
  • The assets in your endowment are invested to earn income
  • The income is distributed annually to achieve your desired impact
  • You can make additions during your lifetime or supplement your endowment with your estate plan

Income distributed from your endowment:
At the time you create your endowment, an endowment agreement is formalized and signed that details the scope and desired impact of your endowment funds. Your funds will generally be invested to produce stable, predictable growth. Each year, a set percentage of your endowed funds will be distributed according to your endowment agreement.

Setup an

Endowment Gift

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Please contact Sr. Director of Philanthropic Strategies, Ms. Woo Ri Kim, at [email protected] to learn more about setting up an Endowment.

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