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Col. Robert P. “Rob” Moore Scholarship

Boy dressed up saluting with a plane behind him

scholarship overview

Col. Moore enjoyed many years of flying as a civilian pilot. His interest and engagement in flying began in Raleigh, NC. He pursued higher levels of pilot certification throughout his career, obtaining the Air Transportation Pilot certificate in multiengine airplanes (Gulfstream II/III typed rated), and Commercial Pilot rating in single engine land and sea airplanes, gliders and lighter-than-air craft. Col. Moore, an FAA Flight Instructor certified to instruct in several aircraft, enjoyed teaching. He remained active in the aviation community as an aviation business owner, President of the General Aviation Council of Hawaii, and a volunteer on the Board of Directors of Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. It is through these experiences that Col. Moore has become aware of the high cost of obtaining pilot certifications at all levels. For many individuals seeking such career paths, the cost can be a deterrent. It is Col. Moore’s desire to assist people in achieving the joy in aviation that he has personally enjoyed. The scholarship awards, offered along two paths outlined below, will help deserving students with the support and incentive needed to continue their study.

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