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a hero among millions

Help Us Bring The Stories
of Our WWII Heroes To Life

Pearl Harbor Aviation is more than just a collection of historic planes and artifacts. We are a living tribute to the heroes of the past and a beacon of hope for the heroes of the future.

As we share the inspiring story of one of these heroes – Jack Sherertz – We hope you will consider making a gift to remember and honor our WWII Heroes.


Vintage photograph of a young Lieutenant Jack Sheretz smiling and wearing a decorated white uniformPhotograph of an older Jack Sheretz smiling while posing in front of model ship.

Lt. Jack Sherertz at Pearl Harbor

Jack Sherertz, the father of one of our Museum Members, began his service right here in Pearl Harbor on the decks of the USS Nevada. On the morning of December 7, Sherertz and his fellow ensigns headed back to the USS Nevada to report for duty after a night out on the town. As they were headed toward Battleship Row, the attack on Pearl Harbor began.

With Japanese planes overhead and making their torpedo runs on Battleship Row, Sherertz and his colleagues eventually reached the USS Nevada, the only ship to get underway during the attack. Tragically, six of his fellow ensigns were killed, and 76 men on the USS Nevada either died during the battle or later succumbed to their injuries.

After Pearl Harbor, Sherertz continued his journey, participating in both the Battle of Midway in the Pacific and D-Day in the European Theater. His story is brought to life in A Hero Among Millions, a gripping tale of Jack’s many harrowing experiences during World War II.

Photograph of book cover for "Hero Among Millions".

If you are able to make a gift of $250 or more, we would be honored to send you a signed copy of the book, A Hero Among Millions, while supplies last.

Your donation has a profound impact on our ability to preserve history, educate the next generation, and inspire our community. With your support, we can ensure that the legacy of our veterans and aviators endures for generations to come.

Collage of polaroids with images from the Naval career of Jack Sherertz.

Help Us Bring The Stories of Our WWII Heroes To Life

We invite you to honor your “hero among millions” by sharing their story on our online tribute board. Click the button below to upload a photo and message about the hero in your life and read about other champions who have made a difference in this world. 

Together, we can ensure that the stories of our heroes are treasured for generations to come.

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