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Decision Center

Onsite Learning

Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island. View looks about east, with the supply depot, submarine base and fuel tank farm in the right center distance. A torpedo has just hit USS West Virginia on the far side of Ford Island (center). Other battleships moored nearby are (from left): Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee (inboard of West Virginia), Oklahoma (torpedoed and listing) alongside Maryland, and California. On the near side of Ford Island, to the left, are light cruisers Detroit and Raleigh, target and training ship Utah and seaplane tender Tangier. Raleigh and Utah have been torpedoed, and Utah is listing sharply to port. Japanese planes are visible in the right center (over Ford Island) and over the Navy Yard at right. Japanese writing in the lower right states that the photograph was reproduced by authorization of the Navy Ministry. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.


Set in the modern South Pacific Islands, Decision Center is an educational interactive simulation that places students in a disaster relief scenario with a focus in aviation involvement. Students will either assume the roles of relief providers, pilots, or local authorities located in the affected areas. Within this dynamic environment, students must collaborate and respond to simultaneous crises as government institutions and independent organizations. Their choices will determine the level of their success toward the global effort. This program is in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance.

Grade Level

9th – 12th Grade


4-6 hours

Group Size

30 Students


$10/ Student
$5/ Title I Student

Field Trip

onsite Learning


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