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Volunteer Spotlight: Carolyn

Volunteer Spotlight: Carolyn
Carolyntopfinal - Volunteer Spotlight: Carolyn
We asked our dedicated volunteer, Carolyn, about her favorite event: Gala! She says, if you’re thinking about volunteering, “Just do it! Come and check it out – it’s only one night and the museum has something for everyone.”

Q & A with Gala Volunteer Carolyn

1. What drew you to volunteer with Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and, specifically, the Gala?

I live on Ford Island and drive past Hangar 37 every day. Once I learned that the hangar is actually part of a museum, I knew I had to volunteer here. I’m a huge history buff and I’m passionate about giving back to my community, so volunteering at a place with such historical significance was a perfect fit.

On Sundays, I volunteer as a greeter, or wherever else I’m needed. I love it, but volunteering at the Gala is really a special experience.

2. What did you do as a volunteer at our last Gala?

This will be my third year volunteering at the Gala. At the last event, I managed volunteer check-in and helped with whatever else I could. It’s so fun and exciting – you get to meet so many new people from different areas and different backgrounds – it’s such a unique experience. To see it all come together in Hangar 79 is amazing; it really is such an impressive and meaningful event. And if you’re lucky, you get to witness the opening ceremony.

3. What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering at out Gala?

Just do it! Come and check it out – it’s only one night and the museum has something for everyone.

Plus, you get to see all the moving parts. It’s an “all hands on deck” event so you have the opportunity to meet everyone who is a part of the museum – other volunteers, staff, board members – it’s the one time of year when everybody is there.

If you end up enjoying your experience, you can volunteer on a more regular basis with a focus on history, tech, restoration…the opportunities are endless.

4. What do you enjoy most about volunteering with us?

I love meeting new people and learning new things. The museum is a great place to network and grow!

5. Why do you think it is important to support our mission?

I think it’s important to educate people about the history of Pearl Harbor – many people don’t know the story behind our museum. When you see it in person, you make yourself a part of history.

If you’re interested in volunteering at our For Love of Country Gala, please email [email protected].

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