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Meet the 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Header - Meet the 2022 Scholarship Recipients
Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum awards Four scholarships to those who dream of a future in aviation

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is committed to supporting individuals who dream of a future in aviation. The Museum’s For Love of Country Scholarship, BGEN Robert B. and Judith Maguire Scholarship, Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship, and Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship aid our mission and vision, enabling recipients to pursue training and education to accomplish their aviation goals.

On June 9, 2022 the Museum hosted our scholarship award ceremony, awarding over $29,000 in scholarships to some amazing candidates. Read on to learn more about our 2022 scholarship recipients and their aviation plans and dreams.

For Love of Country Scholarship Recipients

The For Love of Country Scholarship is part of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Educational Endowment, which was established in 2021 to fund the Museum’s educational efforts and to award scholarships to individuals committed to a career in aviation. The endowment was funded with $1,000,000 by the Rick & Teresa Price Family as a condition of the sale of a division of their Hawaii-based company to Oil Changers, Inc. in January 2020. The For Love of Country Scholarship awards up to $10,000 for individuals whose commitment to an aviation career is evident.

Kanani Keliipuleole

Kanani earned her private pilot (helicopter) certificate at Mauna Loa Helicopters in 2021. Having caught the aviation bug, she is now working on her commercial, instrument, and instructor ratings. As a Certified Flight Instructor, she will train local civilian helicopter pilots, emphasizing malama (stewardship) of Hawaii’s precious land and people. Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), and mother to five, her passions include advocating the advancement of women in aviation, and engaging young aspiring aviators. Inspired by first responder family members, Kanani dreams of serving the community as a pilot with the Honolulu Fire Department.

Stephanie Ishigami
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Stephanie’s journey in aviation began when she became a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines in 2011. It wasn’t until she encountered a female captain on the Boeing 747 that inspired her to become a pilot herself. During the pandemic, Stephanie focused on her flight training and received her private pilot certificate in February 2020. With the For Love for Country Scholarship she will be able to continue her instrument rating training, hoping to complete it by the end of 2022. Upon completion, she plans to begin working on her commercial rating and Certified Flight Instructor in pursuit of her ultimate dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Abigail Dang

Abigail is a Flight Instructor with her Instrument add-on. She is currently working at Barber’s Point Flight School and studying as a senior at Liberty University. Her lifelong goal from a young age was to fly airplanes, and with support from mentors and scholarships, she soloed on her 16th birthday and earned her Private Pilot License on her 17th birthday. Her goals are to join the Hawaii Air National Guard as a C-17 Globemaster pilot and ultimately become a captain for a commercial airline. With the help of the For Love of Country Scholarship, Abigail plans to graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Aviation and gain fluency in American Sign Language to pursue her passion for educating, supporting, and inspiring Deaf youth in the field of aviation.

Seoungyoung Hwang
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Seoungyoung immigrated from South Korea to pursue a career in aviation. He graduated from Aviation High School in New York, where he was introduced to a variety of opportunities in aviation available to him. He currently has his Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) Certification and works as an aircraft support mechanic for Delta Airlines while attending Vaughn College of Aeronautics as a full-time student. After he obtains his Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance, he hopes to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician for sheet metal with Delta Airlines.

Myra Zevallos

Myra is a Technical Sergeant in the Hawaii Air National Guard and has been enlisted for the past eight years. She recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Hawaii Pacific University and is enrolled at Barbers Point Flight School to attain her Private Pilot License. Her long-term goal is to become a commissioned officer in the Hawaii Air National Guard and fly KC-135 Stratotankers.

Jordan Smith
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Jordan is pursuing a career in aviation maintenance, a field she has worked in for the past 5 years. Obtaining her A&P Certification is the next step in her career, hoping to one day earn her pilot’s license. The For Love of Country Scholarship will help fund a 2-week program which will help her complete her certification.

BGEN Robert B. and Judith Maguire Scholarship Recipient

The BGEN Robert B. and Judith Maguire Scholarship was established in 2021 by Judith “Judy” Maguire to honor her late husband, BGEN Robert “Bob” B. Maguire, a lifelong military and civilian aviator. Aviation has had a lasting impact on the lives of both Bob and Judy and their hope is that this scholarship will help deserving students pursue their dreams of flight.

Amanda Dischinger
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Amanda is currently in her final year at the University of Florida where she will graduate as a double engineering major.  She is involved in Civil Air Patrol and a variety of other aviation activities.  Amanda has logged several flight hours in small planes with friends and co-workers, but is excited to start working toward her Private Pilot’s License upon college graduation.

Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship Recipients

The Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship honors the aviation legacy of Frank Der Yuen, an internationally respected aeronautical engineer, airline executive, and consultant. Financial grants of at least $1,000 are awarded each year to Hawaii residents who have been accepted, or are enrolled, in an aviation-related program at an accredited trade school, college, or university.

Levin So

As a child, Levin had a passion for aviation, but after taking his discovery flight during his senior year of high school, he became more determined to reach his goal of becoming a pilot. The summer after graduating high school, he earned his Private Pilot’s License, and since then, he has continued on his path to becoming an airline pilot at Purdue University. He will be entering his sophomore year at Purdue this fall, and is currently pursuing a dual major in Professional Flight Technology and Aeronautical Engineering Technology, which allows him to pursue his flight training as well as an A&P Certificate. His career goal is to become a Hawaiian Airlines pilot and move back home to Hawaii.

David White, Jr.
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David always had an interest in aviation but never had the resources or opportunities to take that leap, until this past year. He just finished his first year at Honolulu Community College and is now halfway to becoming an aircraft mechanic. He was recently awarded an aircraft maintenance apprentice position at Hawaiian Airlines and plans to become a full-time Line Mechanic at Hawaiian Airlines when he graduates and gets his license. His advice to others is to follow your dreams, it’s worth it!

Michelle JoAnn

Michelle JoAnn is currently working on her instrument rating at Barbers Point Flight School, and serves as the vice chair of the Aloha Chapter of the 99s. With the help of board members, Michelle organized a 6-part education series for the Hawaii aviation community with speakers from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Honolulu Control Tower, the Coast Guard, and more. She is passionate about cultivating an open and helpful aviation community, and plans to pursue her commercial license next.

Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship Recipients

The Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship was established by Board member and aviator, Col. Robert P. Moore, to help deserving students with the support and incentive needed to continue their study. This scholarship supports Hawaii residents in acquiring their initial FAA aircraft pilot certificate and Hawaii-based FAA Commercial Pilots (or ATPs) getting their initial or additional FAA Certified Flight Instructor certificate in any FAA Category aircraft.

Lewis Campbell
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Lewis recently acquired his commercial license and instrument rating and is excited to continue his training to become a Certified Flight Instructor and receiving his A&P Certificate. Aviation has always been a passion of his and he is excited to expand his knowledge to multiple disciplines. Originally from Scotland, Lewis now lives in Hawaii and enjoys volunteering with local non-profit flying clubs, and one day hopes to fly for a major airline. As a pilot, he wants to give back to the community and hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams.

Suzy Chung
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While fairly new to the world of flying, Suzy is halfway to getting the minimum hours required to test for her Private Pilot’s License. She is a sophomore attending University of Hawaii at Manoa full time working towards earning a Business and Accounting degree. She hopes to join aviation professionally, either flying with the Hawaii Air National Guard, USAF or commercially.

Thank you to all applicants! Stay tuned this fall for more information regarding the 2023 scholarship season.

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