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Endowment Overview​

A growing shortage of pilots and aviation mechanics currently impacts the local, national aviation industry. High paying, exciting careers await those who have interest in these fields – and the training and jobs exist right here in Hawaii. Working with many local organizations, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum designed a program called Aviation Pathways, to help Hawaii youth pursue their aviation dreams and preparing them for an exciting career in aviation.

Aviation Pathways provides educational programs, mentorship and scholarships to help young adults attain their dreams of flight. As part of this program, applications are now being accepted for the Aviation Pathways Scholarship, supported by the Ray Foundation. Scholarship awards of up to $10,000 are available to help young adults achieve their private pilot’s license (PPL).

The Aviation Pathways Scholarship welcomes applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • 16 – 21 years old
  • A resident of Hawaii

About Aviation Pathways
Realizing that pursuing an aviation career or private pilot’s license can be very challenging, the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is pioneering a new program designed to support youth who have an interest in flying, either as part of a career or to advance a more personal goal.  Aviation Pathways provides direction, educational support, mentors who provide guidance, and scholarship support to enable young people to pursue these goals – leading to a challenging and exciting aviation career.  The Aviation Pathways Scholarship facilitates attainment of the PPL as a first step.

About The Ray Foundation
The Ray Foundation Inc, a private aviation grant-making foundation, supports aviation programs and organizations that help students develop life skills such as honest, good word ethic, self-confidence and self-discipline in young adults. Founders, James C. and Joan L. Ray, felt these attributes are essential to a young person in order to truly be free to pursue their dreams in aviation.

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