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Flying Temp


Have you ever thought about flying? Look at the links below to find out the steps to become an aviator, how to pay for your education and how to find support in your own community. Plus, check out some videos, simulator apps, e-books and games!

“What are the steps to become a pilot?”

Learn to Fly Aircraft
Click on this link to find out more about flying and how to make it happen! Learn how to fly jets, gilders, rotorcraft, drones and piston aircraft!

Explore a Career With Hawaii’s Commercial Airlines
You don’t have to leave your family and friends and move to the mainland. You can have a career as a pilot right here in Hawaii! Check out the career paths at Hawaiian and Mokulele Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines

SkyWest Airlines (Partnered with Mokulele Airline)

Earn a Private Pilot’s License on Oahu
Here are three flight schools for you to check out here in Oahu.

Earn a College Degree Related to Aviation in Hawaii

“Where can I find support in my community?”

“Where can I learn more about flying?”

Play A Game or Test a Simulator

Watch These Videos

Check Out This Twitter Feed

Listen to These Podcasts

Read or Listen to These Books

Download These Apps

“How do I pay for my education and training?”

Explore Scholarship Opportunities (Aviation Professional Organizations)

Explore Scholarship Opportunities (Individuals and Miscellaneous)

Explore Hands-On Work Experience With Internships

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