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Honor the Greatest Generation

This holiday season all gifts are matched – going twice as far – to protect Amercia’s WWII Battlefield

Celebrate Values and Valor of Our WWII Heroes

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Help Preserve the Values that Defined a Generation and Changed the World…

When we reflect on World War II, we often think of the giants of that period of history – admirals and world leaders, statesmen and presidents, and fearless armies who turned the tide of the war, made history and saved the world.

However, the term “the Greatest Generation” includes everyday Americans – the brave men and women who answered the call of their country in service of something bigger than themselves.

These housewives and electricians, farmers and secretaries, schoolteachers and children enlisted and joined the work force in record numbers, grew victory gardens, carpooled, hosted scrap drives, bought war bonds…

They sensed an inherent wrong in the world, and put their lives on hold to help set it right. They carried the weight of our struggle through the war and beyond; their patriotism and ingenuity formed the foundation of our modern society.

It is our responsibility to share the stories of our Greatest Generation, and, in doing so, educate, inspire and create opportunities for people to feel personally and emotionally connected to their amazing legacy.

Will you help us achieve this vision?

Each year, we steward this American WWII Battlefield to welcome over a quarter-million visitors, including 40,000 students. Your support ensures the Valor and Values of our heroes are not forgotten.

These cards above share the personal stories of WWII heroes. When you make your contribution, we ask that you do so in honor of the Valor and Values of one of them, or in honor of a hero of your own. In return we will send you a certificate of tribute to proudly display or share with your loved on this holiday season.

Your gift right now has DOUBLE the impact, matched in full up to $500,000 all thanks to the generosity of Ray Foundation.

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