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Design and Engineering

Do you like to make things or see how things work? Look at the links below to find out more! There are games, hands-on projects, paper airplane challenges and online modeling will keep you interested for hours! Listen to podcasts about drones and e-books about women in science. Read Twitter feeds about engineering and aviation.


“What are the steps to become an engineer?”

Earn a College Degree Related to Engineering in Hawaii
Being an engineer requires that you know a lot of math and science.  UH Manoa gives you the opportunity to learn engineering with a specialty in aerospace.  The 2019-2020 school year is the first year this degree is offered!

“Where can I learn more about aviation design and engineering?”

Play A Game or Test a Simulator

  • Coding
    With Scratch, you can program your own stories, games and animations.
  • 3D Slash
    Minecraft-like 3D Modeling and Printing using cubes of various sizes, adding colors and pictures for more unique visual touches.
  • TryEngineering Games
    Have fun with engineering games.  Explore using Python, play around with sustainability or building circuits, help prepare for natural disasters, build a satellite, and much more.
  • Bernoulli Principle Experiment for Kids
    Explore Bernoulli’s Principle in action by making the perfect bird in flight.  This experiment examines the forces of lift, drag and thrust as you create different types of birds. (This link leads you to a free trial.)
  • Bridge Challenge
    This one is all about bridges!  Explore different bridges, who makes bridges, and then take on the building challenge!
  • Global Design Squad
    You can design and build stuff and connect with other kids from another country to build something together!
  • Play Sprocket Rocket (Requires Flash Player)
    Help Wallace and Gromit to fix their ship and fly to the moon.  Keep reinventing your rocket, overcoming a range of obstacles along the way.
  • Programming Challenges
    Try your hand at coding in C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP or Python at levels ranging from very easy to expert.  Get ProTips along the way if you run into trouble.
  • Challenge Robots
    Welcome to RoboWorks at National Geographic.  Help design machines to solve real world problems.
  • Build it Yourself Satellite Game (Requires Flash 9 or higher)
    James Webb Space Telescope presents a game where you design your own satellite and you will see what mission data was collected with a similar design.

Explore These Hands-On Projects

  • Rocketry Activities
    Rocketeers put a man on the moon.  Use pressure, combustion, or chemical reactions to launch stuff up. It’s rocket science!
  • Remote Control Vehicles
    RCers are inventors and pilots of radio controlled vehicles. Make a video tour, build a water vehicle, build a flyer, hack a rc toy, build a land vehicle and much more!
  • DIY Projects and Ideas
    Be a part of a Make: Community and see what you can make with recycled plastic, a 3D printer, the Adafruit Clue and other cool stuff.

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“How do I pay for my education and training?”

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