2018 STEM Educator Training in Project-Based Learning

Monday – Tuesday, September 17 & 18: Waiakea Intermediate School (Hawaii Island)
Wednesday – Thursday, September 19 & 20: Kealakehe Intermediate School (Hawaii Island)
Friday – Saturday, September 21 & 22: Ewa Makai Middle School (Oahu)

Note:  Registration for Ewa Makai is closed – To be added to the wait list please email laurie.mcginnis@pacificaviationmuseum.org   

All sessions will be held from 4 pm – 7 pm on the first day, and 8 am – 3:30 pm on the second day

In partnership with the U.S. Naval Academy STEM Center, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum presents STEM Educator Training featuring practical & engaging methods for STEM instruction through Project-Based Learning.

STEM instructors will include:

Professor Angela Leimkuhler Moran is the director of the USNA STEM Center for Education & Outreach, and a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department. She holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Moran has worked as an engineer and project manager at Naval Surface Warfare Center, and has conducted sponsored research for over 30 years in materials and manufacturing, nano-coatings, forensics, and advanced processing.

Rachel Fees is an instructor with the United States Naval Academy STEM Center for Education and Outreach. Previously, she was an outreach educator with the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Fees has a bachelor’s degree in Geophysics and Planetary Sciences from Boston University, and is currently working on her master’s degree in STEM Education from Wheelock College.

Professor Patrick Moran is a faculty member and former chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department at USNA, and has served as the Engineering Division’s Senior Professor. He earned his graduate degrees in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. Professor Moran has many years of experience in corrosion and electrochemical research and development efforts for the Navy and the Department of Defense.

This event is offered at no cost to 3rd-9th-grade teachers and educators. Curriculum materials and supplies are provided. Attendance is expected for both days. Stipends are available for participants.*

*Educators who complete the following requirements will receive a $100 stipend:

  • Attend entire workshop
  • Share at least one STEM lesson with a colleague in your school
  • Present at least one STEM lesson in your classroom

Additional details will be provided during the STEM Educator Training sessions.

Space is limited. Register today!  Note:  Registration for Ewa Makai is closed – To be added to the wait list please email laurie.mcginnis@pacificaviationmuseum.org

View downloadable program flyer (PDF)