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Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship


The Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship offers two different options to help deserving students with the support and incentive needed to continue their study.

Initial Pilot Training: Supports Hawaii residents in acquiring their initial FAA aircraft pilot certificate. The scholarship can be used for any level pilot certificate, including: 1) private, sport, recreation, and 2) in any category of aircraft—airplane, rotorcraft, glider, or LTA. Drone pilot certification is NOT approved.

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): Awarded to Hawaii-based FAA Commercial Pilots (or ATPs) getting their initial or additional FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate in any FAA Category aircraft. The applicant must have already satisfactorily completed the FAA-required written test(s) for the CFI certificate, if applicable. A copy of the test completion certificate(s) must be provided with the scholarship application.

Please Note: Scholarship recipients have up to one year to complete stated flight goals after notice of award. After completing the flight objectives, scholarship recipient must submit a letter to the Scholarship Committee outlining the results of their scholarship award. Scholarship funds are distributed to the training provider and/or student. If the student is enrolled in a collegiate program, the funds are sent directly to the college or university for the student’s account. For a FAA FAR 141 Flight School or FAR 61 training, funds are provided after student completes training, and the school attests to the achievement of certain benchmarks (usually solo or after 15-20 hours). Additional details will be provided to scholarship awardees. Past financial grants awarded ranged from $1,000 - $2,000.

Other Scholarship Requirements:
  1. Complete required application.
  2. Two letters of recommendations submitted directly to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Scholarship Committee by the recommender at www.pearlharboraviationmuseum.org/recommendation-letter.
  3. Provide personal statement of 750 words or less to include:
    a. Defining the desired aviation career field.
    b. Statement of previous work experience or education showing commitment to the pursuit of an aviation career.
    c. Summary of achievements in the desired field of aviation.
  4. Be available for in-person or video conference interview.
Interview and Notification:
  1. Applicants will be notified via email the date, time, and method of the interview with the selection committee.
  2. Winners of the Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship will be notified by Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Executive Director no later than 24 hours after selections are made.
  3. Awardee will have up to 60 days to accept the scholarship terms and conditions as specified in the award notification.

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