Discover Your Future in Aviation!



Have you ever thought about flying? Click on the picture with the pilot and airplane to find out the steps to become an aviator, how to pay for your education and how to find support in your own community. Plus, check out some videos, simulator apps, e-books and games!

Fixing and Maintaining Planes

Do you prefer to work with your hands and fix things that might be broken? If this describes you, then click on the picture to find some projects that a mechanic might work on, a game where you get to be a technician for a day or watch videos about aircraft mechanics.

Design and Engineering

Do you like to make things or see how things work? Click on the picture with the engineer with the model airplane to find out more. Games, hands-on projects, paper airplane challenges and online modeling will keep you interested for hours! Listen to podcasts about drones and e-books about women in science. Read Twitter feeds about engineering and aviation.

Operations – Supporting Airplane Flight

Being a pilot is not the only career in aviation. Click on the picture to discover the many roles that support airplane flight. Find air traffic controller games and watch videos that highlight careers such as customer service manager, accountant, aviation attorney, air safety specialist, airline dispatcher, aircraft assembly specialist, flight attendant, and more!